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 Posse - Outdoor Vigilantes


Kody Lucas

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People say to me all the time, “Is hunting and fishing all you think about?” My answer is, “What else is there?” There is nothing like that natural rush and adrenalin dump you get when a monster Buck or an old long beard is coming in to range, and you know it’s now or never!  It’s the most natural high in the world.  If I have to explain it, then you simply won’t understand.

 I started hunting small game and fishing with my father when I was 4 or 5 years old. At the ripe old age of 8, I took my first Gobbler that my father called in for me.  I took my first buck with a gun at the age of 10 and took my first buck with a bow when I was only 13. My father showed me how to hunt and fish and I became completely obsessed with it!  It was all I could think about and not much has changed today.  Now approximately 30 years later, I have introduced my wife and children to this amazing sport and they too, have grown to love hunting and fishing and enjoying the outdoors.  As the years have passed I have learned how to pattern deer and understand them better.  The past 30 years spent in the woods have given me the wisdom needed to score on several trophy White Tailed Deer.

 There is nothing I love more than filming my wife and children on their hunts. That’s what I call quality time!  I have always said, “If you teach your kids to hunt, you won’t have to hunt your kids!”  It is our heritage and needs to be passed on to our children and grandchildren.  I am often asked, “How do you take so many quality Whitetail Deer?” The only advice I can give is to put in your time and learn your deer’s pattern.  If were not hunting deer, were hunting sheds, planting food plots, hanging stands, putting out much needed mineral licks and running game cameras. It’s a lot of work, but it will pay off in the end. You will make quality time and memories with your family and friends and that’s what it’s really all about.

 So, get in the woods with your family and friends and make some memories! Happy hunting and God Bless!!


Terry Montgomery



I’ve been in the woods since I was “knee high to a grasshopper”, literally my dad was carrying me around on his back through the woods ever since I can remember.

He taught me about wildlife, their habitat and how to interpret different sign. And because of him and like him,I developed a love for the outdoors and God’s creations.
After college I was able to work as a videographer for a hunting/fishing TV show on the Outdoor Channel. I learned a lot through this experience and it fueled my itch for capturing hunts on film.
Now I am thankful to share this new experience with my good buddy Kody Lucas and our families. As one of my favorite songs “God’s Front Porch” says, ‘And when the evening sun sets, I’ll bow my head in prayer and thank the Lord for his front porch and all the memories we have shared’. I count my many blessings to be living out my dream and sharing it with those that mean so much to me.


Brian Herron

Brian Herron

Brian has been hunting since the age of 6 and has been pursuing big gamesince the age of 13. He grew up in the small town of Union Missouri where he still resides. His father taught him how to hunt and fish and enjoy the
great outdoors. Not only does he bring his passion to you on video but he also brings still images to life through his professional photography. Brian also enjoys hunting with his son Jayden and finds more pleasure in
watching and filming him harvest animals than doing it himself. You will be seeing his determination and excitement come to life on the up and coming episodes of Outdoor Vigilantes!!


Ryan Jackson


I was raised in a small town in Southeast Missouri but have since relocated to Franklin County Missouri. I grew up hunting with my Dad, Brothers, Uncle, and Cousins and with their help I have continued to learn and have success in the outdoors. My passion is hunting whitetails with a bow and chasing wild turkeys in the spring. I have been fortunate to harvest numerous pope and young bucks and hope to continue to do that on film for the Outdoor Vigilantes

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